Downtown Miami


This photo hooked me into photography big time. I took this photo the day I bought my first tripod stand. This was a huge hit among my Facebook friends that I decided to submit it to the 2011 Electric Avenue Downtown Miami Photo Contest. I won first place and got myself a new camera lens.

4 Comments on “Downtown Miami

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  2. This is a great photo! I lived in Miami for years and this does capture the character. Glad this photo was so good to you. Have you photographed Viscaya? They used to be open at night on the full moon. Miami Zoo might be a challenge for you, grand architecture with animals thrown in. I like your crisp, grandiose style. You have a good eye and technique.

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    • Hi Valeria! I have photographed Vizcaya while touring my parents who were visiting…however, they were in all the photos. lol! Great to know that they are open during full moon…will check on that for the future. Will check on Miami Zoo as well. Thank you for dropping by.



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