While exploring London’s Piccadilly area after an afternoon tea at the Browns Hotel and a little shopping at Fortnum & Mason, I noticed this interesting art exhibition featured in the middle of this huge courtyard. Apparently, I have stepped into the Royal Academy of Arts complex. The RA is an art institution focused on the creation, enjoyment and exhibition of visual arts. Unfortunately, I had a show (Miss Saigon) to catch so I decided not to get inside the museum. This photo is my sole reminder that I was once in the Royal Academy of Arts complex.


    • Thank you Shellie! I do it so people can view the photos without my name flashing across it. You are right, it’s less intrusive when placed at the edge. Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog – isn’t it great that this is quite often the way we find other great sites we like and now I’ve found yours, filled with your wonderful photography. You have an amazing eye for capturing the spirit of a photograph. Lovely work.

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    • Thank you Sylvia! Your awesome words are very encouraging. I have never enjoyed taking pictures as much as I do now. The feedbacks I receive from all of you guys fuels my passion for photography. Hope you visit more often. Have a great weekend!

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