This was my first attempt on night sky photography with the intention to capture as many stars as possible. I was staying at this resort in Key West and about close to midnight, I quietly positioned my camera along the beach hoping to capture something good. After reading a few night sky photography tips online, I pointed my camera into the darkness and kept the shutter open for 20 seconds…and this was the outcome! Not the best night sky photograph captured…but hey, there’s always a first time.


  1. I’ve tried night sky photography too.. Too bad all the pictures were just pitch black.. Where I live, there is a lot of light pollution.. Anyway, I loved the photo you’ve captured..!!

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    • Hi Deeksha! I tried researching online in order to use the right settings for the aperture, ISO, etc. and this came out. LOL! Happy to know you loved my photo. Come visit my page again and check out my other photo posts. Good luck on your next night photography. Thank you.

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  2. Even the best camera can’t shoot what it can’t see. Light pollution is a huge problem not only in the United States, but other developed countries. It not only robs humans of the mysterious beauty of a starlit night while undermining our health; it disorients and destroys other species whose survival depends on the natural rhythms of night and day. The International Dark Sky Association is a good source of more information on this.

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    • Hi Cate! I did read about how light pollution affects night photography. I think this kind of photography works well in rural areas. Thank you though for the suggested source of information.



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