Fireworks always add a spark to holiday celebrations but oftentimes, they are the most difficult to capture especially  if you don’t have a tripod with you. Thankfully, the roofdeck of my friend’s condo had a ledge where I was able to rest my camera.  I took a lot of photos but this one turned out to be my favorite. Aside from the fireworks from the distance, this photo also captured the bursts just right in front of the building.

12 Comments on “FIRE FLOWERS

  1. This is such a good photo. I experienced my first fireworks show the New Years just gone in the Netherlands and I was blown away by the beauty of it.
    It was much more spectacular, in my opinion, than an organised show (fireworks are legal in the Netherlands).

    This photograph is so magnificent and really captures the beauty of fireworks.
    Great job!!

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    • Thank you for dropping by and for the comment. I love watching fireworks and oftentimes I’m torn between taking pictures or just enjoying the show. I guess I was lucky that night to have captured this photo right on time.


  2. Thank you for liking “Vampire Penguin.” Beautiful photo! 🙂 The fireworks look wonderful. I have read that using a tripod is good for landscape and long exposure photography, but it is probably not easy to lug that thing around with you everywhere you go. I am glad that the ledge worked for you. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Arlene. I’ve used garbage bins, ledges, benches, etc. to stabilize my camera having made the mistake of buying a tripod that only collapses up to 24 inches. I hate taking it with me specially when travelling out of the country. One just have to be resourceful to get what you want. Anyway, thank you for dropping by my page as well. Hope you come back again to take a peek. Will be checking on yours as well. Thanks.

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  3. I can really appreciate the difficulties in photographing fireworks. We were in New Delhi for Diwali in 2013, and we also were on a rooftop (in a rooftop restaurant) for some of the firework displays. (It seems like everyone sets off fireworks there!) Before running off to get a camera, we used an iPad and tablet to try to capture the bursts we could see. We could use a ledge to steady the camera to photograph the lights on buildings, but the fireworks were overhead when they appeared. Luckily, we do have a few good pictures. You have revived good memories for me.

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