E P C O T 


The EPCOT Center (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) is one of the four theme parts making up the Walt Disney World complex in Orlando, Florida. I was told that this was originally built by Disney with the intention of having people live here and serve as a model of a planned community with approximately twenty thousand residents. Today, the park celebrates human achievement in technological innovation and international culture. The sphere at the middle right of the photo is the centerpiece of the park and is called Spaceship Earth. It is my favorite attraction as it transports you through the history of man from the Stone Age to the computer era. My second favorite part of the park is the World Showcase featuring 11 pavilions themed to represent a specific country. My special favorites are the Mexico, China and Japan pavilions.

16 Comments on “E P C O T 

  1. Ahhh… One of my favorite places in the world, and you’ve done it justice with this amazing picture. Funny though, I always thought EPCOT stood for Every Person Comes Out Tired.

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    • Keep dreaming coz you’ll never know where life takes you. I grew up in the Philippines owning a photographic souvenir of Walt Disney World and I used to dream of visiting it someday. Now I live just a short drive from it. Life can be full of surprises.

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    • Hi Judy! We Floridians are very lucky indeed…except when the hurricanes start coming. LOL! We do have beautiful weather at most times. Sending you some of our sunshine then. 🌞☀️🏄🏝🏖

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  2. What a beautiful picture. Thank you for taking us to Disney with you. The picture reminds me of one I took in Shanghai a few years ago. 🙂 Chevvy

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