imageThe full moon last Saturday (May 21,2016) was called the Blue Moon being the third of four full moons this Spring.  Each season has three full moons but every two to three years, a season may have four making it a special and rare occurence thus the phrase “once in a blue moon”.  Apparently this year, the full moon in the month of June is about 11 hours earlier than the start of Summer making it the fourth full moon for Spring.   So when I heard about this on the news I knew very well that I had to photograph this moon. I drove to the beach with hesitation because it was raining that afternoon and the sky was partly cloudy. I was expecting a disappointment, however, the moon found its way out of the clouds to greet me. It was an amazing experience standing in an almost deserted beach watching the full moon slowly float up from the horizon. I will have to wait for another two to three years to witness this celestial show again.

30 Comments on “BLUE MOON

    • Thank you! I got lucky coz they mentioned it on the news that day so I went straight to the beach to set up my camera. By the way, thanks for dropping by my page and hope you visit again soon.


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    • Thank you! I kinda wished I was able to take the photo earlier when the sky was bluer…Unfortunately, the clouds at the horizon blocked the moon so I kinda missed that moment. Thank you though for the like and appreciation. Hope you visit my page again to check my future posts.


    • Thank you. Very happy to have my work appreciated. It truly inspires me to work harder on my hobby. Hope you visit again soon.


    • Thank you! I use a Canon Rebel T6s for my photography, although, some of my photos in this page were taken using an iPhone. Glad you liked my photo and hope you visit again to check out my future posts.


    • Thanks Hammad! Had so much fun during this photoshoot. My next goal is to capture the Milky Way although I think I may have to invest on a new lens for that.

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