The great city of Istanbul has recently been a victim of unnecessary violence resulting to a wasteful loss of innocent lives. However, I do not wish to dwell on this negative incident but instead focus on what is positive about this mesmerizing city. I visited this mystical metropolis two years ago on a cruise and had the best trip of my life. The colorful culture, ancient architecture, rich heritage and friendly people makes Istanbul an amazing destination for those who want to see a perfect blend of  east and west as well as that of the past and present. This photo was taken at the top deck of the cruise ship while docked at the Istanbul Cruise Port, which is located right at the heart of the historic section of the city.  The tower on the left is the Galata Tower, which is a medieval stone tower built to spot fires and now home to a restaurant, cafe and a night club. Istanbul may have hit a road bump a few days ago but it will bounce back just as it did for centuries. Stay strong Istanbul…I will see you again, soon!

15 Comments on “ISTANBUL

  1. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world. Bravo to all the workers who went straight back to the airport the following day. It won’t stop me visiting a friendly, welcoming city. No where is safe from Glasgow airport in Scotland to a gay nightclub in Orlando.

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  2. Thanks Chevvy! Anything can happen anywhere so let us live life to the fullest like it is our last. Furthermore, never let events like this stop you from discovering new places and taking new experiences. I am scheduled for a month long holiday in Europe this October and I will try to be cautious but will definitely make sure I will have fun and make wonderful memories.


  3. I guess there aren’t too many places that are safe from acts of terrorism and is unfortunate that such an act killing over 40 people has just happened in Istanbul. I took special note of this and your photograph because this city remains on my bucket list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture.

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