imageDuring my trip to London last year, I made sure a ride on the London Eye was part of the itinerary as I wanted to photograph the city from above. I booked their “Champagne Experience” assuming there would be fewer people as it costs more and probably no kids due to the alcohol thereby allowing me to move around freely and take photographs from all angles without elbowing my way to the front.  I also scheduled the ride to synchronize the time my capsule reaches the top and the sun setting in this historic and magnificent city. The best thing about the champagne experience is that you don’t have to line up outside like everybody else. Instead, they appointed a waiting room with a bar at the ticket center and a guide will walk you to the capsule who at the same time will serve as the bartender during the ride. The whole experience was fun seeing London and its famous landmarks from above and watching the lights around the city turning on one by one. The only downside was the glass casing of the capsule was a tad dusty so all my photographs turned out a little hazy. Anyway, this photo I’m posting came out as the most decent one capturing another capsule, the river Thames and the illuminated Big Ben on the right. The London Eye experience was worth every dollar spent and next time I visit London I will try it again but will no longer go crazy with the photography. I will instead spend all my time enjoying the breathtaking view and cheer the sunset with a glass of bubbly or two.

7 Comments on “EYEing LONDON 

  1. It looks like someone else was photographing YOU from the other capsule. ha ha I’m impressed at how the entire photo looks so crisp in focus. Very pretty.

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      • Sorry you had a sad day. I hope tomorrow is much better! I’ll be watching for your good side on other blogs. Lol

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      • I did a quick internet search and saw stories of the truck driver. How horrible! I hadn’t heard about it until now. Hate and violence, indeed! I can’t comprehend how people want to do things like that.

        It can be overwhelming to hear such sad stories. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that good things happen every day, too…they just don’t make the news reports!



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