While cruising out of Nassau, Bahamas, our ship sailed past Paradise Island before heading out for the Atlantic Ocean towards our final destination. At the tip of the island before the open ocean was a lighthouse standing in solitude as if sadly bidding  us goodbye at the same time wishing us a safe sail home. Upon further research, I discovered its name as Paradise Island Lighthouse although it is more commonly known as the Nassau Harbor Lighthouse. This piece of architecture was built in 1817 making it the oldest lighthouse in the Bahamas and the oldest surviving lighthouse in the West Indies.  I took this photo 2 years ago using my iPhone 5 and is quite impressed by the color quality and sharpness. I can’t wait for the release of the iPhone 7 with hopefully a better camera as it comes very handy on days when I feel too lazy to carry my DSLR around.

13 Comments on “THE LIGHTHOUSE

    • Thank you. Happy to know you like my photos. It’s a learning process so its not too late for you to start. Hope you visit again soon.


    • Thank you. Love lighthouses too…it evokes a sense of adventure…even romance. It’s getting so hot here in Florida as well. Our winters have become warmer and warmer each year and sea water is filling up the streets of South Beach. Not good.

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      • I recently read something about the streets being elevated in Miami because of flooding. My geologist husband would deliver a thesis about regular warming and cooling over eons. Then he would tell you about how often the continents have shifted… 🙂

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