Living in sunny Florida is like a dream come true, however, not all dreams can be pleasant experiences. Sometimes, nightmares happen and sad to say, I am experiencing one right now. In a few hours, the eastern coastline of Florida will be hit by one of the strongest hurricane in about a decade. Hurricane Matthew is on its way to unleash his fury on the sunshine state and we are expecting for the worst and hoping for the best. Matthew is now a category 4 hurricane and will be closest to my home city of Fort Lauderdale around 7-8 pm today (about 4 hours from now). I just hope we don’t get hit that bad later tonight…wish me luck, guys!


  1. Such a beautiful, serene photo. So sorry to hear about the hurricane and I hope it passes by with minimal damage. It must be very scary. Stay safe. 🙂

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  2. Hope you’re okay. It looks as if your area is safe by now (11:00 p.m. on Thursday). My family in Coral Gables and in West Palm Beach are fine, but family in Daytona Beach had to evacuate. Saying many prayers for all areas affected by this monster storm.

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