When I visited Rome two years ago, the Trevi Fountain was closed for renovation and the pool was totally drained of water.  Visitors were able to walk on a ledge above the pool for a photograph and some were even throwing coins into the empty pool. I took a number of photos but none were worthy of a feature on my page. Two weeks ago I found myself again in Rome and this time I made sure the Trevi fountain was a major stop during my walk around the city. Unfortunately, my back was killing me after I pulled it while clearing my backyard for Hurricane Matthew that carrying a DSLR around my neck was intolerable. I had to use my iPhone 7 this entire trip so as not to aggravate my back. Surprisingly, using my iphone allowed me to capture wider panoramas like the photo above. I wouldn’t have been able to photograph the fountain in a wide span like this using an ordinary lens. I also wanted to capture the fountain devoid of tourists but my parents are not filthy rich enough to lock down the area so bear with the humanity bordering my photo. LOL!

7 Comments on “FONTANA DI TREVI

  1. “Com’è bella c’è la luna brille e strette
    Strette com’è tutta bella a passeggiare
    Sotto il cielo di Roma
    Don’t know what the country’s coming to
    But in Rome do as the Romans do
    Will you on an evening in Roma…”


  2. What would the Fountain be without people? From your vantage point they add to the interest. We visited the Trevi in 2007 without the time to explore and find the spot you did. That day there were way too many people. And your moon shot with the Duomo in Firenze is gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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