A trip to Barcelona isn’t complete without visiting the world famous Sagrada Familia or Church of the Holy Family.  This architectural masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi began construction in 1882 and is expected to be completed by 2026. I have not been compelled to visit churches when travelling as they all usually look the same. However, the Sagrada Familia is not your typical church…from its ornate facade to its otherworldly interiors, visitors step out of the church with an overwhelming feeling of reverence for Gaudi. My photo above features the Nativity facade of the church, which serves as the main entrance for all visitors. I decided to take the photo at an angle to capture as much detail as possible as I was only using my iPhone.


      • I think your phone takes better pictures than my old Canon Powershot S3 IS. My parents are buying me a “new” camera for Christmas, though! It will be my second camera since I developed an interest in photography a few years ago. It’s just a Canon Powershot SX50 HS, but it will still be a great step up for me. It should arrive at my door any day now — yay!

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      • Maybe some day I’ll take some photos as nice as yours. I don’t think the travelling is in my budget, however, so my subjects will be more mundane! Any time you think of great photography tips, throw some ideas my way! I’ll be your online photography student. 🙂

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      • I’m as much of a student as you are. Looking at other people’s photos gave me ideas and helped me compose my photos until I eventually started using my own ideas.

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      • I suppose I sort of have my own style already: mainly nature photos with lots of macro and strange angles. Lol I guess that’s why your photos are so pretty to me — They are so different from mine, as I never take many architectural shots. I love the sunsets and such, too! Best wishes and looking forward to your next photo. 🙂

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