I always thought it was called the Bridge of Sighs because of the emotions it brought out of the viewers outside. However, I found out during my tour of the Doge’s Palace that it was called as such due to the emotions of the convicts crossing towards their prison cells seeing freedom for the last time…thus the sigh. The bridge is a key landmark in Venice as you can tell from the large crowd gathered on the bridge. I also stood on that bridge and took a number of photos but this one I took from the opposite side turned out better. The gondolas sailing towards the Venetian lagoon added a dramatic effect to the composition without taking away the focus from the bridge above. And just like everyone else who stood before this famous bridge, I took a sigh of appreciation for its beauty despite the tragic purpose of its very existence.

2 Comments on “BRIDGE OF SIGHS 

  1. I was also surprised when knowing the true meaning of this bridge. It was such a cruel place, but its appearance is so beautiful. “Never judge a book by its cover”. I guess this sentence is true in this case 🙂 By the way, your photos are absolutely amazing! Like them a lot!

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    • Thanks Len! I also found out the history of the bridge when I got there. Happy to know you appreciate my work. You have an amazing collection of photos yourself. Let us keep exploring and capturing this beautiful world we live in. Thank you and visit again. 😉

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