I have been on creative hibernation for more than a month now thus the absence of new posts on this page. Apparently, I’ve been struggling to find the right words to effectively describe my photos and it seems like the year ended and so did my writing skills. To my defense,  I did mention in my profile that I am not much of a writer so I hope you guys understand.  Anyway, I am giving myself, my photography and this page another chance, which is why I decided to use this photograph I took of the sunrise somewhere in the Atlantic as my feature photo for this post. Sunrises mean new beginnings so I thought the photo best represents my return to this page.  I’m back and looking forward to hearing from you all again!

8 Comments on “A NEW BEGINNING

  1. I barely used any descriptions on my year-long photo project that I just finished (and I was glad to not feel obligated to write!). But I did notice there was more interaction if I told a story to go along with the photo. I used to write regularly for my blog, and it was easier to write when I was doing it all the time. Now, I feel they way you probably feel…I got nothin. Plus I have less time now. HA! Anyway, keep up the writing and it will come around. The more you do it, the easier it is.

    Beautiful picture, too.


  2. I understand. I seem to have ben frozen as far as writing, but turned my attention to a few other creative projects, hoping the freeze will thaw with the Winter snows up North.


    • Thank you. Greatly appreciate your encouragement. I will try not to pressure myself too much on the narrative and focus on the photograph instead. If I can do both…then I’m having a good day. LOL! Hope you drop by again. 😉



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