Alaska was never on top of my bucket list as I, to this day, am not a big fan of freezing temperatures. Last summer I found myself booking a cruise to America’s last frontier not because of my desire to visit the place but because of the amazing deal I was getting for a junior suite stateroom. Hey! Isn’t it all about the journey and not the destination? 😜 Anyway, my trip to Alaska was quite an eye opening experience that can only be understood by someone who has also visited this mystical place. During the ships’ port calls, I made sure to find time to reconnect with nature and the experience was mind blowing like a spiritual homecoming. I would also most definitely consider the stop at Glacier Bay where nature showcased it’s beauty, strength as well as its fury as the highlight of my cruise. The photo above was taken at Lampugh Glacier where every line of the glacier has a story to tell…and we are talking millions of years worth of frozen stories to tell. Unfortunately, the ship didn’t dock so we only got to view the glacier from a distance. It would have been awesome to be able touch and walk on the glacier although by the look of it, I’d be frozen into history the moment I step on it. I guess it was more than enough appreciating it from a distance.

By the way, below is the photo of my junior suite stateroom…enough reason to bear the freezing Alaskan temperatures.

16 Comments on “FROZEN

  1. That is jaw dropping!! I’m going to Argentina in February and will have a chance to see the Perito Moreno glacier. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to stand in front of something so majestic! What an incredible photo!!

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    • Hahaha! Thanks Hammad…I would say I really got a very good deal coz my plane ticket from Florida to Vancouver and my hotel for a night was more expensive than the entire cruise. LOL!

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    • Thank you! Purely nature’s work…all I did was capture it. It was more stunning in person though, plus you hear the thunderous sounds of the glacier shifting…truly a remarkable experience.


    • Thank you! My image of Alaska was snow year round so it didn’t entice me that much…however, this trip freed me from ignorance and opened my eyes to a magnificent part of this planet. I would say a cruise would be a good start to discover Alaska.

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    • Hi! It was with Holland America on the Noordam ship. Lots of other lines go to Alaska during the summer so check everyone’s rates. It was my first time with Holland America coz they had the best deal on my preferred travel dates.



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