Yesterday I attended a photography workshop to learn basic photography techniques from setting the camera correctly in manual mode to photo editing using Photoshop. The class will run for four (4) Saturdays and started yesterday with a discussion on the appropriate f-stop, aperture and shutter speed settings to use in various light conditions. The session included walks around the historic and picturesque Sailboat Bend neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we got to play with our cameras in both sunny and shady environments. The activity allowed us to switch on both settings while working on our individual photography styles. Our instructor took us to this wooded area beside the river and instructed us to photograph whatever caught our attention. As my classmates went about with their photography business, I noticed a squirrel quietly nibbling on a tree trunk just a few feet in front of me. None of my classmates noticed the squirrel and I didn’t want to call everyone’s attention then scare it away so I quietly adjusted my camera settings and started clicking on my cute litle subject. The squirrel eventually noticed my presence and it went leaping from one branch to another fleeing farther away from me. Before it eventually made its final dash, it hid behind a branch before looking straight back at me with just one eye and only half of it’s face exposed. I didn’t know if it was telling me to go away or it was just posing peek-a-boo for me one last time. Overall it was a productive day spent with fellow photography enthusiasts and a very knowledgeable instructor. However, the best part of the entire exercise was the opportunity I got to make a camera shy squirrel to pose for me and my camera.

Below are the other photos I took during the class:

18 Comments on “CAMERA SHY

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  2. Great photos! I love nature photography because nature is so diverse and beautiful, always something new to capture!

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    • Hahaha! I struggled composing that photograph…who knew photographing a motorcycle would be that difficult? Really glad that photo turned out good…it’s one of my favorites.

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  3. I like the composition in the boat images. The headlamps are a wonderful reminder of how often fun, creative images are right there in front of me. Great catch on the squirrel’s eye. Being in the moment…. Thanks

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    • Thank you! I guess that’s what differentiates a photographer from the rest of us…knowing how to identify the moment and capturing it at the same time…I’m working on it and hope to further enhance my basic skills. Thanks again for dropping by and hope you visit again in the future.



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