I was on a cruise to the Western Caribbean last week and our first port of call was the southernmost point of continental USA…Key West, Florida. I’ve been to this island multiple times and for me the best part about visiting Key West is the scenic drive through multiple keys (islands) and seeing the beautiful blue waters on both sides of the highway. Since I only had a few hours to enjoy Key West before we set sail to our next destination, I decided to limit my walk around town to a few of my favorite stores. Unfortunately, my favorite soap store, Fantasea, along Duval Street closed business a few months ago. I also planned to eat lunch in Blue Heaven but the wait time for a table was more than an hour so I ended up eating somewhere else. The only itinerary that I actually got to experience was the Key West Butterfly Museum where I was able to take a lot of photos that were featured on this page a few posts ago. I decided to return to the ship earlier than planned and found myself on my stateroom balcony staring out at this resort island across from the ship. I also noticed a pinkish haze in the atmosphere, which contrasted well to the blue waters of the sea, reminding me of the pastel colored soaps I used to buy at Fantasea. Key West is magical when seen on land but I was amazed how magical this island looks as well from the air.

7 Comments on “PASTEL PARADISE

  1. Lovely pictures and an apt title, pastel shades indeed. Have never been that far south in Florida, but would love to someday.
    Too bad your few hours did not go as planned but I have to say you got lucky with the weather, my past two travel destinations were cold and cloudy!

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  2. Oh my goodness, how beautiful, the colours, the aura. What a perfect place for respite,, at least that’s what your pictures suggest to me.

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    • Thank you. The first time I visited Key West I felt like all my worries were left behind. This island is the best place to relax while having crazy fun at the same time.



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