When I think of swans the words that come to mind are elegance, grace and beauty. Swans are such beautiful and mystical creatures that they are oftentimes written as strong characters in poetry and literature. In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was concieved by the union of Queen Leda of Sparta and the god Zeus who disguised himself as a swan. Today I had the chance to photograph these beautiful creatures although it was quite a challenge as this one wasn’t very friendly. I have read stories of people getting attacked by swans so I kept my distance as I had no plans of becoming the next character in that story. Fortunately there was a bridge on the narrowest part of the lake so I was able to keep my distance while photographing this graceful creature. The photo above is my favorite as I managed to capture the water dropping off the swan’s beak after it dunked its head underwater. Below are two more photos that I like as well as the dark and murky water created a nice contrast to the white swan.

14 Comments on “SWAN LAKE

    • Thanks. I use my iPad’s Photo app to adjust the brightness, saturation, etc. then Pixelmator to add my signature. I have a Canon Rebel T6s.


    • Thank you! This was taken around noon but the trees above me provided a good amount of shade on this part of the lake allowing me to capture my photos in a mystical mood.

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  1. Great shots. Waterfowl and birds in general are such interesting subjects. At least geese, ducks and swans on water are a little slower moving than flitting sparrows and chickadees.

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