When I took these photographs, I was standing outside the ancient walls of San Gimignano in the Tuscany region of Italy with my shoes wet from the rain and my bones rattling from the cold. Deep inside I was wishing the sky was clear and the sun was at it’s late afternoon glow and bathing the rolling hills in golden light. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case so I set aside my disappointment and pulled out my iPhone 7 Plus then took multiple shots of the scenery before me with fingers crossed for some decent captures. The clouds somehow created a gloomy effect to the scenery something most people won’t picture Tuscany to be. Still I kept the photos but opted not to post them on this page for a long time until today. I realized I have lately been posting a number of my photographs taken during unpleasant weathers so I decided to revisit these photos and managed to convince myself to finally feature them on this page. After all, it isn’t always sunshine and blue skies in Tuscany…sometimes, the clouds need to roll in for some dramatic and special effects.


  1. Having been to tuscany some years ago myself I think you captured it beautifully. The grey and the texture of the clouds complement the shape of the landscape. Really lovely. Thanks for stopping by at my blog, leaving a like, much appreciated. 🙂 You have a wonderful collection here.

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    • Thank you very much. Tuscany is one region I would love to visit again in the future…and when that time comes I will make sure I carry my dslr with me. Thanks for dropping by as well.

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  2. I love these photographs. There is a softness of light so different from how one usually sees Tuscany in photographs. I am glad you captured this moment.

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