I’ve been absent from this page for almost 3 months now and despite trying to post a blog multiple times I always end up not uploading them. Don’t get me wrong, I have hundreds of photographs waiting to be posted but I just can’t seem to finish a blog. I admit I am not much of a writer so my struggle have always been with the narrative that goes with the photographs. So let’s just say for the past 3 months I lost the ability to write something comprehensible. Yikes!

A few days ago I was sitting out on my balcony to catch the sunset when suddenly the sky transformed into a pandemonium of reds, oranges and gold. I dashed into my apartment to grab my camera and took a few panoramic shots before switching to close ups of the blazing sky. When I saw the results I thought these photos may be the right materials for my comeback. Just like the fiery sky captured in these photographs my desire to post a blog finally started burning.

Yay! It’s good to be back!!!

14 Comments on “HEAVEN’S ON FIRE

  1. Think not about the narratives… nor the hundreds of photos in your supply. A very satisfying “Wordless” posting with your “favorite best” photos will do nicely. A lot of “Wordless” bloggers out there– and not just for Wednesdays. Nice sky shot!

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  2. And how many words is a picture worth? I like knowing where a photo is taken from, and context if it’s relevant, but really, the photos speak for themselves. If you are inspired to communicate with words, fine; if not, just post another of your stunning photographs!



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