It was rather confusing to see leaves of gold along the coastal areas of Maine right in the heart of summer. Coming from a state where fall is just as green as spring, I reckoned this was regular occurence in this part of the country. Maybe those of you who live up north can clarify me on this. I took these photos during my New England cruise last June while the ship was sailing out of Bar Harbor, Maine. I thought the leaves were gorgeous while the rocky shorelines looked fierce. I would love to visit this part of the country again during the peak of autumn…and will most likely do it by land, not by sea.

One Comment on “SUMMER IN GOLD

  1. It’s hard to tell from the water views whether those are leaves turning from green to yellow – or the yellow-green that new leaves are. But yes, autumn is gorgeous – leaves start turning in September, and peak is usually early October through the first two weeks, depending on location. you obviously are seeing my posts, so you’ve seen a lot of New England foliage!



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