A few years ago I found myself in Chicago, Illinois to attend a reunion with some of my former classmates from Physical Therapy school. It was my first time to the Windy City so I was keen on visiting and photographing every prominent landmark around the city. Fortunately, my former classmates organized tours that took us to almost every tourist spot in Chicago. One of them was a cruise on Lake Michigan, which took us far out into the lake to adore the magnificent Chicago skyline. During the sail away the cruise narrator pointed out this lighhouse at the end of the breakwaters, which was originally built to mark the mouth of the Chicago River until it was moved to it’s current location after the breakwaters were extended. I took multiple photos of the lighthouse but unfortunately immediately forgot about it after the trip. Four days ago I was going through my old travel photos and found this of the lighthouse. I also noticed how pretty this specific photo looked with the cirrostratus clouds in the background. What’s most interesting is that I discovered this photo exactly 6 years after it was taken in May 21, 2012…some would say it’s just pure coincidence but it could also mean fate just reminding me that my friends and I are up for another reunion.


Three years ago, I was in Chicago for a reunion with classmates from Physical Therapy school and it was a great opportunity to photograph  the city.  I arrived a day late and missed to join their tour around various  landmarks so I begged one of my friends to accompany me to the Grant/Millennium Park area for this photoshoot. Since I did not travel with my  camera stand, I ended up using a garbage bin to stabilize my camera and prevent handheld blurring. This is my favorite photo in the series having captured the last moments of twilight while the illuminated magnificence of the Chicago skyline served as a backdrop to this historic fountain. A few of my photos of the city can also be viewed in my gallery in an earlier post.

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