I easily get seasick so I’m probably the last person you’d think would jump on a cruise ship in an instant. Surprisingly, I have been in more than a dozen cruises and am looking forward to my next one June of this year. I have sailed around Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, South America and across the Atlantic Ocean and my goal is to have cruised around the world before I eventually leave this planet. A month ago I was on a two-week South American cruise on board the Celebrity Eclipse and had an amazing time even meeting new friends. The cruise started in Buenos Aires, Argentina sailing down to Cape Horn, Chile, which is the tip of South America, then up to Uruguay before docking back in Buenos Aires. The ship is almost 10 years old but is still in great shape thanks to regular maintenance. Celebrity Cruises is the premium brand of Royal Caribbean and has been awarded by several travel magazines as one of the best premium cruises in the world. Above is a photo I took of the main dining room while below are photos I took around the ship including a photo of my stateroom using my GoPro Hero7 camera. The ship’s interior is very tastefully decorated, which was made cheerful by the Christmas decorations during my cruise. The ship in itself is a destination complete with specialty restaurants, a theater, casino, game rooms, bars, swimming pools, gym, spa and more. My preference for Celebrity is primarily due to the quality of the service, food and the crowd it attracts…much older and relaxed, fewer children and lastly no bar fights. LOL!

Library (both photos above)



Entertainment Court (both photos above)

Grand Foyer (both photos above)

Shops on the Boulevard

Promenade Deck

Multi-Floor View

My Stateroom


Happy Holidays to everyone! By the way, that’s my dog Lily posing for me beside my Christmas tree. She can’t wait to open her gifts in a few hours. Hope everyone is safe and sound at home and with your loved ones.  May this season bring love and joy to you and your families.


I know this post is a day late…I was planning to post this photo yesterday but I got so busy preparing for a party at home that by the time the party was over I didn’t have the strength to sit up and write something. I couldn’t find a holiday themed photo so I decided to photograph my Christmas tree for this post. I have decorated that tree with the same ornaments for the past 5 years.  I’m not good with coming up with new decoration concepts, and besides that, I’m too cheap to buy a new set of ornaments every year. LOL! By the way, I got a new lens from my sister for Christmas gift so I’m looking forward to playing with it soon.  Anyway, I hope everybody had a great time yesterday and that you were all able to spend it with your loved ones, ate a lot and received bunches of gifts. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

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