Buckingham Backyard

Every summer, Queen Elizabeth open the doors of the Buckingham Palace to the public while she takes a vacation in Scotland. My recent trip to London a few weeks ago made a visit to the palace inevitable. Photography is not allowed inside the palace so people were limited to taking photos of the facade (just like every other tourist outside the palace gates the rest of the year).  After the tour, I stepped out of the palace into the backyard and realized that this part of the palace is rarely photographed. Maybe because you will need to be inside the compound to capture this scenery.  In this photo, I love how the cotton candy clouds float on the deep blue skies while the expansive carpet of greens complemented the earthy tones of the palace walls. At first look, you wouldn’t even think of this as the Buckingham Palace. It’s nice to capture the least photographed part of one of the most photographed buildings in the world.


Piccadilly Circus

These panoramic photos of Piccadilly Circus were taken on my way to watch Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre after having tea at The Browns Hotel. It was raining at most times that day and this was one of those moments when the skies cleared for an hour or two. Piccadilly Circus is London’s version of New York’s Time Square with the theatre district around the same area as well.




The Kensington Palace in London is one of the official residences of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. Prince Charles and Princess Diana called this their home after their wedding in 1981 and Diana continued to live here after their divorce until her death in 1997. Today their son Prince William lives here with his family. A section of the  palace is opened to the public so I took the opportunity to visit this royal home during my trip to London recently. In this photo, you see the statue of Queen Victoria fronting the palace beckoning visitors into her once palatial home.



A panoramic view of the Tower Bridge, London City Hall and The Shard taken from the Tower of London side of the River Thames. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time of the day to take this photo with the sun glaring into my camera. However, I tried to be optimistic about it and went ahead to take photos and this turned out not too bad.



This photo was taken at the Radcliffe Square inside the campus of Oxford University. This trip to Oxford was part of a day tour which included the Windsor Castle and the Stonehenge.  I can’t imagine studying in such a prestigious university add to that a beautiful and historical campus. I think my brains won’t last a week here. LOL!

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