Wicked MoonThe South Florida night sky seems to be gearing up big time for Halloween. It’s been two nights this week that our skies were transformed into this hauntingly beautiful canvas. Tonight the moon looks like a ghostly vessel floating upon a mystical sea and all this photo need is the shadow of a woman zooming past the moon on a broomstick. That would be…Wicked!!!


Haunted Skies

Last night I noticed the moon was curtained by these altocumulus clouds creating an image of it floating in a sea of turbulent clouds. With Halloween coming up soon, I thought this would be a good photo subject to celebrate the festival. Spooky Halloween to all!!!


The Royal Poinciana tree in front of my house might be dead coz all of its leaves have gone sayonara in the middle of summer. Although, it came to good use for these full moon photos with a Halloweenish theme.

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