The Temple of Athena (more commonly known as the Parthenon) in Athens, Greece is one of the most photographed structures in the world. It is a symbol of Greece’s impressive and rich heritage as well as proof of an advanced and highly organized society from centuries ago. It has been my ultimate dream to visit this place so imagine my heightened emotions when I finally got the chance to stand in front of its greatness. Fortunately for me, the multitude of tourists were at that time on the other side of the ruins thereby allowing me to photograph the structures empty of people. Now it looks like I got the place to myself…or maybe, I should just claim that I got a private tour of the Parthenon. LOL!

Athena’s TreeĀ 

This photo was taken at the historic Acropolis complex in Athens, Greece. Our tour guide gave us a few minutes to explore the area when I noticed this lonesome tree (olive tree?) perched right by the edge of the cliff. It’s branches were spread out as if waving hello to the ancient city of Athens below.

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