Piccadilly Circus

These panoramic photos of Piccadilly Circus were taken on my way to watch Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre after having tea at The Browns Hotel. It was raining at most times that day and this was one of those moments when the skies cleared for an hour or two. Piccadilly Circus is London’s version of New York’s Time Square with the theatre district around the same area as well.



  1. Oh I remember when I visited this place all the pigeons flying around.. that was 40 years now. Wow how the time goes by and I just made myself old…lol only by numbers though

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    • Thank you Opher! I love capturing panoramic photos and as I mentioned in my About Me section, it is something I’d like to focus on eventually.


    • Thanks for dropping by, The London Whistler! I try to post daily coz I still have a lot of photos in my file but eventually I may have to do it every 3 days so I don’t run out of materials. I enjoyed my trip to London two weeks ago and your page would have been a good source of info. Will surely follow you for reference on future trips to London. Don’t forget to follow my page as well πŸ˜‰

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