2015: The Year That Was

Now that the year is about to end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for visiting my webpage and for encouraging me to push further on my hobby. I just launched this page last August 2015 and I am very pleased to have welcomed a number of new online friends who decided to follow my page. A lot of you took the time to write a note or two to express your appreciation for my work and it flatters me so much to read your wonderful words of encouragement. I would like to specially mention OPHER;  MLOU; JHOUDEPHOTOGRAPHY; JULZ….ARTIST, BLOGGER,…; and CATE for being the top 5 commenters.

Below are the top ten (10) photos you liked the most on my page for 2015:

10. Another Day in Paradise – 62 likes (posted 11/25/15 and taken in Key West, Florida)


9. Church of St. Bernard de Clairvaux – 63 likes (posted 11/27/15 and taken in Miami, Florida)



8. Kato Mili – 64 likes (posted 11/9/15 and taken in Mykonos, Greece)



7. Santa Maria di Loreto – 66 likes (posted 12/19/15 and taken in Rome, Italy)



5.b Thrill of Seaside Dining – 68 likes (posted 12/9/15 and taken in Mykonos, Greece)



5.a Flight Time – 68 likes post (posted 10/31/15 and taken in Key West, Florida)



4. Top of the Rock – 70 likes (posted 12/7/15 and taken in Manhattan, New York)



3. St. Peter’s Altar – 74 likes (posted 12/12/15 and taken in Vatican, Italy)



2. A Beautiful Moment – 80 likes (posted 12/1/15 and taken somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea)



1. Santorini – 96 likes (posted 11/22/15 and taken in Santorini, Greece)


HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!  May this new year bring us great adventures and more photographs to share! Please continue to visit my page and don’t forget to like the photos that interest you most. I will also greatly appreciate reading your thoughts about my page and the photos I post. Thank you and see you all again in 2016!!!!

46 Comments on “2015: The Year That Was

    • Thank you! Wish this was my backyard too. LOL! Gladly, I live in South Florida and the beach is only 10 minutes from my house so I guess I can claim that the beach is just right by my backyard.

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      • Oh wow that’s awesome! I’m up towards the Mid-Atlantic in PA. Still I get to give light to small towns around my area πŸ™‚

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      • You have all those picturesque towns in your area so enjoy capturing them. In fact, I was planning to go to Fallingwater near Pittsburgh but had to cancel the last minute. Hope to visit it someday around the Fall season coz the colors would be awesome.

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  1. Oh my goodness – your photography is beautiful! So glad you dropped by my site so that I, in return, was able to find yours. One word captures your photos and that is – WOW!

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    • Thank you Sylvia for your very generous compliment about my photos. I am very flattered and I’m glad you also dropped by my page. Hope you visit again soon. Followed you as well. Happy New Year!

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  3. Stunning photos – I was interested to read the wiki entry on the Church of St Bernard, as I couldn’t figure out where it was located!

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    • Thanks Nexi! It’s in Miami. I learned about its existence through a Filipino store and restaurant, which was located about a few hundred feet from it. Wiki gave me a few juicy info about the place. Thank you for dropping by and liking my post. Happy New Year.

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