Yesterday was the culmination day of the photography workshop I’ve been attending for the past four Saturdays followed by an exhibit to showcase our work. A lot of my classmates used photos they took prior to attending the workshop but in my case, I decided to use a photo I took during one of the photo sessions. This photograph of the front of an old fire truck was taken inside the Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum, which was one of the stops during our photo walks. Our teacher instructed us to explore around the museum and take photos of specific details such as lines, angles, curves and various shapes. I am not a big fan of this photo but my instructor liked this a lot that he suggested I submit this for the exhibit. He even shared this photo on his Facebook page which was truly very flattering. If you guys noticed, I also changed the watermark logo on my photos using my signature to give it a more personal touch. I felt the old logo was too boxy and looked too heavy aside from it taking up a lot of space. I am also including below a few more photos I took while inside the museum as well as photos taken during the exhibit yesterday.

Photos taken during the exhibit


14 Comments on “RED FIRE ENGINE

  1. After years of serving in and with the Fire Service, I must say, You looked at this Fire Engine in a way I never have. Very nicely captured and worthy of the praise you and the photo receive.

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    • Wow! You guys at the fire service are awesome and truly one of a kind people. It takes a special kind of selflessness and bravery to be in the fire service. Thank you so much.

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      • Well, I was only a Volunteer Firefighter in a small community department. It was a lot different than the station you visited. They eat, drink and live the Fire Department life every day, and much deserve our praise.

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  2. This is Wonderful! I did a fire station shoot once and it was very meaningful on a level I’d never before experienced!

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    • Thanks Mary! This was my first time to photograph a vehicle as my subject and it was quite a struggle. I was truly surprised that my photography instructor liked this a lot.


      • It looks great! And vintage car shows are really fun for photos…and fun in general!


    • Thank you! Cars are surprisingly great photography subjects. I’ve always taken landscape photos so I was glad my instructor challenged me into unchartered territory and surprisingly it didn’t turn out that bad. A vintage car show would be a great place to get some good shots. Thanks for dropping by.



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