Green is supposedly the most relaxing and calming color as it is the color of nature and it evokes a sense of comfort and peace helping reduce stress and anxiety. During my cruise in Alaska last summer, the ship sailed through straits and inlets flanked by islands of lush forest of pines so it was a glorious feast of green for my eyes. It was truly relaxing and calming sitting on my stateroom balcony while watching an endless parade of nature across the water from where I was seated. The view also provided me a lot of photography opportunities and I specially liked how the trees were reflected on the water creating a beautiful mirror effect like the photo above.

13 Comments on “EMERALD FOREST

    • Thank you! It was the reflections that made me take the photos. I love water reflections so its too bad our trees in Florida don’t turn gold during autumn…would be great to photograph reflections that time of the year.

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  1. Very calming and the reflection is just the perfect ripple. I would have though the vessel would have made more of a wake.

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    • Thank you…the water was so calm and the ship was moving very slowly so the wake wasn’t so much. When I noticed the reflections on the water, I immediately knew I found a great subject for my photography so I immediately got busy with my camera. Glad you like this one.

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