The city of Napoli (Naples) in Italy was the last stop of my Eastern Mediterranean cruise. I never got to explore the city because I opted for a trip to the ruins of Pompeii, which happened to be one of the best decisions I made for that trip. This photo was one of my very few shots of Naples and was taken from the balcony of my stateroom. Maybe in a future trip to Italy I will finally be able to walk around the city and take pictures from the ground.

9 Comments on “SUNSET IN NAPOLI

  1. This is beautiful. My next trip to Italy is to hunt for a small second home and I’ll be based in Napoli. Your photo made me impatient and excited for it to happen. Great colors.

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    • Thank you Sandra! Italy is a beautiful country and I’d like to eventually see the rest of the country. Living in another country is an amazing experience. I have my share of that having moved here to the US a few years ago.



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