The Castillo San Felipe del Morro, commonly known as “El Morro”, is a fort in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico built in the 1500s to protect Spain’s access to the wealth of the New World. It is a masterpiece of military engineering designed to overwhelm and exhaust the enemy.  I took this photo from the top deck of the cruise ship as we were sailing into the Bay of San Juan to dock for the day. It was truly breathtaking to see this massive fortress from our viewpoint at the ship. It must have been definitely overwhelming for the enemy ships during the crazy old days.

19 Comments on “EL MORRO

  1. I grow up in PR and there’s is something about the Morro that it’s magical I pass almost every date with my husband there until we moved to USA

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    • Happy to know that my photo invokes wonderful memories for you. I enjoyed my trip to San Juan and hope to visit it again in the future. You are lucky to live close to home. I have to fly for more than 20 hours to go home. Thank for dropping by and hope you visit again.

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      • I feel you even if im only about a day in planes from home bc the switch planes thing i haven’t been in long time i cant wait to go with my camera;)

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