Istanbul at Night

Istanbul, Turkey was one of the stops during my Eastern Mediterranean Cruise with Celebrity Cruises. This city is rich in history and culture from delicious delicacies and colorful bazaars to splendid mosques, history-filled museums and multiple architectural wonders.

The moon was out the night I was there and it blanketed the city with its silvery radiance. I found myself at the top deck of the ship regretting I left my tripod at home. The siderails helped in a way for support but my photos would have been better using a tripod.

This city is a photographers dreamland especially at night. From illuminated mosques and minarets to busy waterways and brighly lit skylines, the view is just too hard to resist.  I have dozens of daytime photos but will post the night shots for now.  This city has captivated me just as it captivated the millions who visited this city for hundreds of years. I look forward to coming back to Istanbul…and when that time comes, I am definitely taking my tripod with me.

4 Comments on “Istanbul at Night

  1. Adorable photos of one of my favorite cities… I can almost feel the Hüzün, the typical melancholy of Istanbul… Whoever said Istanbul was the capital, was right – it was the capitol of the Ottoman Empire and all the important monuments – all architectural monuments dating back from the period of Topkapi Pallace to Koca Mimar Sinan and his students and followers to the revolutionary modern concept of Dolmabahce deal with different periods of the development of the capital… From the architectural point of view, there are just a few important monumental works of art covering the epoch of Istanbul not being the capital, dating mostly from the last two decades…

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    • Istanbul came as a big surprise for me. I considered it the highlight of my Eastern Mediterranean cruise. So much history and culture that every street corner has a story to tell.

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