The Castle of the Holy Angel in Rome, Italy was originally built as the mausoleum for the Roman emperor Hadrian and his family as well as for the emperors who eventually succeeded him. The place has been looted centuries ago so the urns of the emperors have never been recovered.  Eventually, the castle became a fortress for the popes before being converted into the museum that it is today. I never got to step inside the museum as I was hurrying for my guided tour of the Vatican, which was about half a mile away from the castle. I took this photo hurriedly while crossing the bridge so this is my only photo of this ancient Roman landmark. Perhaps on my next trip to Rome I can finally step inside and take another photo of this historic building at a better angle.

4 Comments on “ CASTEL SANT’ANGELO

  1. I didn’t get inside Sant’ Angelo until my second trip to Rome, but it was well worth the wait. Hope you enjoyed the Vatican. Rome is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Hi Sandra! Rome is one of my favorite cities. Going there in a few weeks but only staying overnight then heading to Tuscany. I hope I have enough time to revisit major landmarks and take new photos.



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