This photo was taken after spending an entire afternoon on a guided tour of the Roman Forum culminating at the Colosseum.  Unfortunately for me, the Colosseum was at that time undergoing major cleaning with more than half of the structure covered with scaffoldings making it impossible to capture this famous landmark in all its glory.  I took multiple photos inside and outside of the building, however, the cloudy skies made my photos look dull and flat. It was my last day in Rome so there was no chance for me to come back for a second attempt. I decided to wait around hoping for changes in lighting during the sunset anticipating for better and richer colors. Just as the sun touched the horizon, the sky turned into this explosion of pink, yellow and purple colors like some delicious Roman cocktail. I told myself perhaps someone in Vatican heard my prayers. I immediately positioned myself beside the Colosseum in the section where scaffoldings were absent and focused my camera on the structure and the colorful sky. I used a Canon Rebel XSi with an EF 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens to take this photo zooming into the facade of the Colosseum to exclude the throngs of tourists from my composition. I guess my patience paid off as my photoshoot turned out better than I expected. By the way, I recently became familiar with a small camera from a company called Light, the camera has an interactive touch screen built in allowing you to edit your shot seconds after it was taken.

39 Comments on “ROMAN TWILIGHT

  1. If photography has taught me anything it is patience. And the reward can be so sweet. Thanks for stopping by my blog and allowing me to discover yours!

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    • Thank you. They say patience is a virtue…something I learned from my dad…whenever he accompanies my mom shopping. LOL! Thanks for dropping by and hope you visit again soon.

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    • I also dreamed of Rome and found myself waking up there one day. When you finally decide to go there, bring a good pair of walking shoes. Rome is such a beautiful city and is best seen on foot.

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    • Hahaha! It was a good opportunity to explore the surrounding area as well. It’s my first time in Rome so I guess the excitement added a few extra patience. LOL.


    • The sky can give us the most amazing colors and all we need is the patience to wait for that moment. Glad to know you liked my photo. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and writing a comment.

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    • Thank you! I guess when you’re a tourist and its your last day you are left with no options but to hang on a little longer. LOL! Although, patience is one of my best traits…that’s why I became a Physical Therapist in the first place. Glad to hear from you again, Cynthia!

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      • Ha, I bet patience helps as a PT! I had to go last summer for my lower back and I probably could have used more patience with the PT process.

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      • We sure need a lot of patience in our profession, specially for those like me who works with the more senior population. Hope your back is fine now.

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      • Thanks, it’s acting up again lately but……well……..I haven’t been doing my exercises lately. You must hate hearing that haha! I plan to do them today. Should be back to normal soon enough 🙂

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      • Uh-oh! Somebody needs to get back into the program. LOL! If I may suggest, try playing some dance music while doing your exercises. It gets you into the groove 😉

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