Flying is for me one of the most exciting aspects of travelling. I love the thrill of the takeoff from the powerful vibration of the aircraft to the ferocious rumble of its engine. I always sit by the window to watch everything speed by until the aircraft touches the sky and everything below looks like a miniature toy set. During my vacation last month, my flight’s takeoff schedule coincided with the sunrise so that got me excited hoping to capture a few interesting shots. As soon as I got a glimpse of the sun I started snapping with my iPhone 7 Plus and framed the wing as an additional focal point to my composition.  I also included my home city of Fort Lauderdale below for a sense of height. The rich golden yellow light of the sun casting shadows all over also created a multidimensional effect on the clouds.  One technique I do when using my phone on a plane is to press the phone flat on the window to prevent reflections. Here are four photos I took as my plane soared over the Atlantic Ocean on it’s way to my vacation destination.

14 Comments on “SOARIN’ O’ER SUNRISE

  1. Could not agree more, my holiday starts on the runway, and nothing ruins my holiday more than not getting a window seat!

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  3. Great pics. I recently had a wonderful flight from Barcelona to Doha which flew over Rome, Istanbul and various other places with clear skies abounding. What a joy to see spectacular scenery from on high instead of just cloud. 🙂

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      • You said it, and the Arabian gulf at night was something too. I never really appreciated how bright naked fires are from the air compared to electric lights until then.


  4. Wonderfully jaw dropping captures these are Reymon!
    Though I have enjoyed the amazing feeling of flying high above of skies only twice in my life so far, and that too earlier this year :), I do want to experience it again.
    And thanks for the tip 🙂

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