I was planning to post more photos of my recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina but during my walk with my dog this morning I took a few photographs that were just too pretty not to be shared…especially at this time of the year when it’s freezing in many parts of the world. Allow me to send some of our warm sunshine to everyone up north and hope you all are bundled up and warm at home. Living in South Florida is such a blessing and living close to the beach is a wonderful privilege I’m most grateful for. Although when the hurricane season comes it also becomes a curse. Anyway, here are the photos I took this morning using my iPhone 7Plus and I hope they all encourage you to plan a visit to the sunshine state soon.


  1. Nice!! Thanks for sending warm thought our way!! Weโ€™re getting arctic air soon!! But looking forward to the storm s headed are way too!! I love snow!! Iโ€™ll take a Beach day mayday though!! Lovely pics!!

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    • Thank you! Iโ€™d love to experience real snow at least once.. the one that goes knee deep. My only snow experience were a little dusting in Dallas and in South America. I love to see everything turn white. That would be awesome.

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