Whenever I see a bee, I always run the opposite direction. I grew up fearing them after seeing the swollen faces of neighborhood kids after getting stung by one. Today I decided to overcome my fear, after all, should I get stung on the cheeks or lips then I get instant fillers for free. LOL. I was walking my dog this morning when I noticed these bees happily hovering over a bed of flowers. Thanks to my ever reliable iPhone 11 Pro Max I was able to capture these pollinators at work. I took these photos with the subject about 6-10 inches away from my phone. I guess today is my lucky day as none of them got pissed at me for crossing into their personal space. No puffy cheeks and lips though but these close-up photographs are more than good enough for me today.


  1. Isn’t it great what you can achieve when you put fear behind. Well done and great images Reymon 🙂 🙂


  2. Great photos. They scare me too but I learnt a lot about them while writing a couple of books for kids and they are the iconic poster child pollinators and so vital to us.

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  3. Weirdly of the stinging variety of insects, I like the bumble bee. Perhaps because unlike hornets or wasps they are only aggressive if provoked. The others are like bullies.

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