In a few hours I will be boarding a ship that will take me to a few exotic islands in the warm waters of the Eastern Caribbean. I never anticipated that I will enjoy cruising as I was always scared of being in the middle of the ocean and that I easily get seasick. The first time I tried it was on a two-night cruise to the Bahamas. I got so excited that I finished a bottle of wine even before the ship has sailed. By the time the ship was rocking ten miles away from the shore, I was vomiting big time. I spent the first night of my cruise laying flat in bed. I took this photo during my second attempt to cruise on my way to Cozumel, Mexico. This time I learned my lessons and was ready with the motion sickness pills and no drinking at sail away. Today is my fifth time to go on a cruise in 3 years and I am looking forward to it. I also look forward to capturing a good number of photos to share with you all.

23 Comments on “SAIL AWAY

  1. I used to work on a cruise ship in the 1960’s (I was a cadet), and last year my wife and I did a Mediterranean cruise and it all came back to me – we loved the experience so we are off again in six weeks Sydney to Singapore !
    Hope your trip goes well :-o)

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  2. That is a beautifully composed shot! I have never been on a cruise, despite my family’s requests, as I get seasick walking along a pier (!) so I am very interested to see and read this . Looking forward to seeing more images.

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