During my interview with the company who hired me for work in the United States, the interviewer asked me where in the USA I would want to relocate and I replied “anywhere near Disneyland”.  It may have sounded funny for the interviewer but I was dead on serious about living close to a Disney park. When I was 10 years old, a neighbor gave me a pictorial souvenir of Walt Disney World and I grew up staring at the photos dreaming of visiting it someday. Disney World was a childhood dream that always lingered deep inside my heart and mind so imagine my joy when the interview ended with a job offer to sunny Florida where Walt Disney World is located. My work assignment was in Miami but it was good enough for me as Orlando was just a few hours drive. Since my move to Florida, a visit to Walt Disney World has become part of my annual tradition and each time I step into the park and come face to face with Cinderella’s Castle, I pinch my arm to remind myself that everything is for real. I know I have come a long way from being that kid who once dreamed of coming to Disney and I am very proud to say that through perseverance and hard work I eventually made that childhood dream come.


  1. Nice post! I have visited that place in 2012. Its no doubt a wonderful place for the children of all ages including the child in us. 🙂

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    • It does bring out the child in you, although, I personally think this place is best visited when you’re still a child. The experience is totally different when you visit as an adult.

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  2. I love Florida too, but not because of Disney. I have been but it is many years now. I think I prefer Epcot. My dream was alwaysmeay live near or at the beach and we have managed it in two countries! The important thing is that you made your dream come true. Awesome job!

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  3. I can relate to your post as a trip to Disneyland was also a childhood dream of mine. In 2010, my dream became a reality and I spent three of the happiest days of my life at Disneyland in Anaheim 🙂

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  4. Wow! Though I have no intentions of visiting Disneyland (yes! I have said that and yes, I’m a human) currently, I can relate to your childhood story of dreaming about visiting your most favorite place in the world and actually doing everything to turn that dream into reality.

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    • I know a lot of people who aren’t interested as well. I also love Vegas and I have a friend who takes pride of being the only person who has never been there. LOL!

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  5. That’s a wonderful story, I’m so happy for you! I’ve never been to Disney. I would like to bring my kids but it’s an expensive trip. Maybe they will grow up like me and feel like the only person who’s never been to Disney lol

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    • Thank you Cynthia. You are right about it being expensive. I get the Florida resident rate and this trip I got their promo of $50+ per day for 4 days. Regular ticket costs $125/day/park…imagine having 2 kids and going to all 4 Disney parks…add to that cost of airfare, hotel, meals and souvenirs…Parents would be broke by the time vacation is over. LOL

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      • I do imagine it, and that’s about a far as I get lol. I figure I have a couple more years until the kids find out about it and start asking to go lol. 🙂

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