The Piazza della Rotonda is a city square in the heart of Rome where the ancient Pantheon majestically stands. The square features a central fountain surrounded by shops and restaurants where one can leisurely sit, eat and people watch.  When in Rome, I always stay in this neighborhood at a hotel just right behind the Pantheon because every major landmark is just a few minutes away by foot. Walking around this neighborhood can be quite an experience…one gets magically transported to a different era while walking on cobblestone streets, through narrow alleyways and along historic buildings. I also personally enjoy walking around this plaza at night, which can be quite romantic with the golden lights illuminating the entire plaza just like in the photo above, which I took on my way back to the hotel after a hearty Italian dinner.  So when in Rome, I never pass up the chance to enjoy a night in this beautiful piazza.

7 Comments on “A NIGHT IN THE PIAZZA

  1. Phenomenal capture! I just love the tone and overall feel. Italy has been on my bucket list for some time. I will get there eventually! Cheers!


    • Thanks to the internet I learned techniques on how to photograph night scenes. Although, to this day, I still need to take multiple shots to come up with a decent photo. LOL! Thanks for dropping by and hope you visit again.


    • The lights do create dramatic effects on photographs. Can be quite challenging though if taken without a tripod or a stable base, which I did in this photo. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you visit again.



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