When I visited Venice, Italy I prayed so hard for my trip not to end that I would wake up really early in the morning and stay up late at night just to stretch each day. The city was just magical…from the architecture, to the rich history and culture and of course the canals, which are uniquely Venice, making this city one of the most visited in the world. During my stay, I went to watch a Vivaldi concert at a theater right beside St. Mark’s Square, hopped on a gondola that cruised around the city and took long walks along narrow alleyways and across bridges connecting the multitude of islands that make up this remarkable city. I also joined a tour of the St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace and visited the former home of American socialite Peggy Guggenheim, which is now a museum showcasing her extensive art collection. Harry’s Bar, which was right beside my hotel, was also visited to try their signature Bellini and to check out the favorite hangout of Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock to name a few. The icing on the cake to my vacation was my suite at the luxurious Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venezia where my room had a view of the lagoon and my bathroom a view of the St. Mark’s bell tower. The hotel lived up to it’s five star reputation providing me with the famous Baglioni luxury and first class service. The photo above was taken in the front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum while below are photos taken at Harry’s Bar, Peggy Guggenheim Museum and the Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venezia.

Harry’s Bar

Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Dining Room at Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venezia

Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venezia

View from my hotel suite

Living area of my hotel suite

The luxurious bed in my hotel suite


  1. What a gorgeous post. Never visited Italy. I would love to visit Florence, Rome, and Venice. Daydreaming? Thank you for a digital vacation to such a magic place. The shots were truly spectacular, in search of a better word.

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    • Thank you. I once dreamed of those places as well and happy I was able to turn the dreams into reality. Those three cities are beautiful with so much history around it. When visiting Florence, take time to go around the Tuscan region as it is also breathtaking…you can take day trips around Tuscany from Florence. I wish you luck on your future trip to Italy. 😉


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  3. Venice is on my travel bucket list. Thank you for your post! One question: Do the canals in Venice smell like sewage? This may be a naive question, but I’ve heard there is truth in it. Yes or no?

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