During my visit to Hong Kong in October of 2019, I stayed at two hotels to experience both sides of the city. The first few days were spent at the InterContinental Hong Kong on the Kowloon side of the city while the second half was spent across the harbor at the Island Shangri-La Hotel. The InterContinental neighborhood was a concrete jungle with block after block of skyscrapers while the Shangri-La neighborhood had more green spaces around it maybe because it was the mountainous side of the city. Across the street from Shangri-La was a park called the Hong Kong Park (I wish they came up with a more unique name), which featured a man made lake, waterfall, an aviary and even a sports center. I didn’t really spend much time at this park as I just passed by it to catch the cable car to Victoria Peak. During the two times that I crossed the park, I was able to take a few photos using my GoPro Hero 7 Black. I also wanted to capture the buildings around the park so I used the wide angle lens setting of the camera. The only thing I don’t like with wide angle lens is the curvature that happens at the edge of the photos. On the other hand, capturing more of the scenery creates a dramatic effect to the photograph. Here are some of the photos I took around the park.

9 Comments on “THE HONG KONG PARK

    • Hong Kong does have interesting architecture collectively creating a beautiful skyline. Thanks for liking my post and for taking time to comment. Hope you visit again.


  1. The curvature is playful in a good way, it’s a neat choice for these plazas with the towers around. Do people go walking and hiking in the mountains that are right at the city’s edge or are there houses and buildings built into them at first? The cityscape in your last post was amazing. Is it Hong Kong that has the challenging approach for airplanes into the airport? If so I can believe it! At any rate, great pictures.

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    • Hi! People do hike up the mountains but we took a funicular to reach one of the peaks. The old airport was one of the most challenging in the world but they turned it into a cruise port and built a new one on reclaimed land outside the city.


      • I bought a Hero7 for my Franklin River rafting trip but haven’t touched it since. You’ve inspired me to get it out and use it again, they are a great little camera 🙂

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      • Glad to know I inspired you to start playing wih your Hero7 again. I’m more into still photography than videos so I prefer using my Canon Rebel T6s. I also noticed the quality of photos with GoPro are not that good. But it being so small makes it handy when I don’t feel like carrying my dslr around.

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      • I prefer stills too, but last week pulled out my mountain bike for the first time in … years! I have charged the GoPro to take on my next ride hopefully tomorrow if the weather’s not too bad. There’s some amazing mountain tracks close to home, I might as well use it 🙂

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