Angkor Thom is located in the Kingdom of Cambodia and is the last capital city of the Khmer empire. In the heart of this ancient city is the temple of Bayon, which is known for the multiple carvings of serene and smiling stone faces on its many towers. The city is surrounded by a moat and on it’s south gate entrance is a bridge lined with statues of gods and demons. Thankfully, our guide decided to have us walk through the bridge instead of driving by it so I was able to walk up to the statues and took as many photographs as my memory card can accommodate. It was such a thrilling and magical experience.  I can just imagine the sense of awe people felt as they walked across this bridge many centuries ago.  I’m glad they were able to preserve these archeological sites for us and for future generations to appreciate. Here are some of the photos I took of the bridge, the statues and the entrance gate to the ancient city of Angkor Thom.

13 Comments on “THE BRIDGE TO BAYON

    • Thank you. It was a fascinating experience and I hope to return there soon and explore more temples. By the way, thanks for dropping by and for taking time to comment. Take care.


  1. I wonder if the names of the actual artists, sculptors, architectures were ever recorded. Usually, like ancient Egypt, credit goes to whoever was in power. Really nice photos.

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    • The clouds did contribute to the overall feel of the photos. Thank you for dropping by and for taking time to comment. Hope you visit again.



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