A week ago I arrived in Venice with very high expectations having known so much about this Italian city from movies, books and magazines. This was my first trip to this romantic city and true to my expectations, I was bowled over by what I saw. I may have to mention my wonderful stay at the Baglioni Luna Hotel, which made the entire experience more memorable, from the amazing service to my fabulous suite with a panoramic view of the Venetian lagoon (I will post a photographic review of the hotel later). A trip to Venice won’t be complete without a gondola ride and the tourist in me insisted that I had to give it a try. I found myself gliding through narrow canals between centuries-old buildings seeing a side of Venice one won’t get to see from the streets. Venice is such a beautiful city that I can’t find the right words to best describe it. This is one of those places that is better experienced than described.

21 Comments on “VENICE…LIKE NO OTHER

  1. I have visited three times now and have a soft spot for the old world charm of Venice. So glad you enjoyed your stay and vestibule picture and writing to go along with a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing

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  2. Oh I know the magic of Venice. It’s such an enchanting city (my parents were born in this region) and I’ve visited a number of times. What a beautiful photo you’ve taken. Love it.

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      • Tuscany is fantastic. We stayed for a week and had cooking classes in a vineyard property. It was amazing.



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