Friends of mine are currently touring Italy and browsing through their pictures brought back pleasant memories of my vacation to this exquisite country last year. I immediately revisited my photo bank of the trip and discovered a good number of photographs worth posting in this page. My trip brought me to Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Venice before flying to Spain for the second half of my vacation. These places are rich in history and culture and my hundreds of photographs will never be able to give justice to the spectacular beauty I saw in person.  So the next series of photos on this site will feature photographs from my Italian trip beginning with the Colosseum right in the heart of Rome, which was recently cleaned up for a fresher look. This architectural wonder has become the city’s symbol and I captured it using my iPhone7 Plus in Pano mode in order to photograph the entire subject in a single shot.


5 Comments on “HEART OF ROME

  1. Rome is at the top of my list of places to visit. Looking forward to your the rest of your series.


  2. Rome, my favorite city! Heading to Naples tomorrow, can’t wait to explore. I love the Amalfi Coast, but have never stopped off in Naples before so I’m excited. Love your photos!

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    • Thanks Sandra! Enjoy Naples…I was there 3 years ago on a cruise but failed to explore the city as I went to Pompeii instead. Have fun on your trip!



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