I have always known about the Morikami Japanese Garden and Museum in Delray Beach, Florida but have never bothered to drive up and see the place.  About a few weeks ago, a friend from Montreal came down to visit and him being into gardening it was inevitable not to include this garden as part of the must-see itinerary. The garden features a central lake surrounded by Japanese themed gardens, a museum and restaurant all connected by about a mile long pathway. This photo features the Kodai-mon, a traditional Japanese gateway, which frames the view of the bamboo-lined pathway as well as of the koi-filled lake ahead. Next time I need a place to sit down and clear my thoughts, I will surely be driving up to this garden of zen.

6 Comments on “KODAI-MON

  1. My wife and I visited this place a number of times during the winter of 2015 and I can only underscore what a beautiful place this is. A gem and a big one at that tucked away on the east coast of Florida?! It is a must see destination for sure.

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    • Hi John! It is indeed a good place to sit down and unwind…they have a Japanese restaurant as well. You are right, it is on the east coast and just a few minutes north of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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