It was my first time to go on a long duration road trip (10 days) and everyone I know who knew where I was headed insisted that I drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway and check out the Blue Ridge Mountains. I decided to include Asheville, North Carolina in my itinerary and booked myself at the historic and luxurious Grove Park Inn for 4 days although I will talk about that fabulous hotel in another post. In Asheville one can see the mountain range in the distance but to enjoy the amazing views, one will need to drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway for a closer look. The Blue Ridge Parkway is known as one of the most scenic drives in the United States and with a speed limit of 35 mph, this allows you to take your time to indulge in nature’s magnificence. Thankfully, the drive is spotted with overlooks where one can stop to enjoy the view or in my case take photographs. You may also notice the bluish color of the mountains and according to my research the trees release isoprene into the atmosphere resulting to this distinctive bluish haze and thus the name…Blue Ridge Mountains.


    • Glad you enjoyed looking at my photos. Nature is my favorite subject in photography although I always notice that photographs never give it’s beauty enough justice. Thank you and I hope you visit us again soon.


  1. Out of curiosity, what software do you use for editing. I enjoy taking photos as well, but currently only have the software on my computer and not a lot of funds to purchase anything high end like Photoshop. Also, just wondering what your views are about too much editing. Sometimes, I feel the photo looks great as it is, then compare it with more professional photos and it looks like the difference between an adult and a child took it. Thanks for the insight.

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    • Hi! I use my iPad Pro for photo editing using the app Photoshop Express to adjust the saturation, brightness, exposure, contrast, etc. then use the app Pixelmator to add my signature/logo into the photo. I am okay with reasonable editing in order to enhance a photo. Just keep working on it until you achieve your own style. I used to oversaturate my photos as you may notice in my earlier posts. Thankfully I realized how bad the photos looked and decided to tone down my editing.

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      • Thank you for the response 🙂 I will keep that in mind. Right now I do very little editing other than cropping and straightening.

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  2. Beautiful work, I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. I haven’t been down there in almost twenty years. I’d like to go back in the Autumn. You wouldn’t believe all the colors you can see.



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