The Ponte Vecchio is probably one of the most photographed bridges in Italy and I made sure I got my photo when I visited Florence about two weeks ago. This medieval bridge crosses the Arno River and was the only bridge in Florence that was not destroyed by the Germans when they retreated from the British liberators during the Second World War. The bridge is lined with jewelry and souvenir shops although centuries ago butchers were the main feature of the bridge. Most photos of this famous landmark are usually taken from the bridges on opposite sides or along the river banks and I did a number of shots at those angles. However, during my visit to the Uffizi Gallery I noticed that one of the upper floor windows looked down into the bridge although the reflection on the glass window became a challenge. I decided to use my iPhone to take this photo by laying it flat on the glass window to avoid any reflections. I finally got my photo of the Ponte Vecchio at an angle different from your typical tourist photo.

20 Comments on “PONTE VECCHIO

  1. Nice angle! indeed very different. Its my favourite spot in Florence. I visited the Uffizi aswell and was able to get some shots of the city not usually seen. Nice blog 🙂


  2. I think this is a great capture, especially through glass. As the viewer, we were left wondering where you, the photographer could be, as you seem suspended in midair. Well spotted to get this unusual angle. 🙂

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  3. Great photo, and great eye seeing this angle from the museum window! I often put my phone against the glass to avoid reflection or glare…. And just hope there are no smudgy fingerprints or dirt in the shot!

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