The composition of this photo is very similar to those postcards they sell at souvenir shops that I personally think it looks kinda cheesy.😁  However, I didn’t take a lot of photos while at St. Thomas so you will have to bear with this one.  The St. Thomas Skyride is a $20 ride up a mountain on these scary looking cable cars and at the summit is a restaurant and bar as well as a few souvenir shops offering an amazing view of the island. I took this photo just as the cable cars were approaching interestingly adding a focus to my composition. Unfortunately, I was not able to explore the island as it was so hot and humid that I decided to go back to the ship immediately after I stepped out of the ride.

16 Comments on “ST. THOMAS SKYRIDE

  1. I think it’s a wonderful shot! There are so many details to enjoy. Thanks for liking my photo101 post because I’m really enjoying exploring your blog!

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    • You are right about all the details…the sea, the ships, the cable car and the entire island. Thank you for mentioning it…now I’m slowly appreciating this photo. 😬

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  2. It’s a really nice well composed picture and makes me really want to go back to the Caribbean. It’s interesting because it shows how reliant that island is on the cruise ships and tourism.

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    • Thank you! I love to cruise and living in South Florida makes it very convenient for me to just jump into the ship and sail away. The Caribbean islands are truly beautiful.



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